Meet Kyra Ariana!

Mental Health Advocate. Speaker.

As a mental health advocate, lifestyle and content creator, Kyra Ariana focuses on being a source of encouragement and education. She’s an influencer, public speaker and content creator. On her platform she shares beauty tips, educates women on mental health and speaks and creates events within the mental health community. She loves discussing how women can feel confident in their skin and mentally. Kyra educates her audience of over 11,000 women on mental health and how they can benefit from various tools. Recently she created and coordinated the program “Curls & Mental Health” which is an event that promotes self-care and mental health for the black woman. It was a sold out and sponsored event. More events like these will be planned. She also shares her story of resilience and hope. She has told her story of suicide survival and living with a mental illness with amazing support and feedback. This is done through Instagram, Instagram TV, public speaking and interviews. Kyra aspires to use her personal experiences to inspire, uplift and encourage black women and fight the mental health stigma.

my mission

To educate, inspire and create a safe and authentic space for black women to express their feelings while advocating for mental health, self-care and fighting the stigma. 


"Your sheer existence and the presence of your faith and ability to build this whole platform up from nothing- all are a testimony!"
"So brave. So strong. I loved you being this vunerable so that others could be made stronger."
"Thanks for sharing your story. I just love you!"